Priming matters for viscoelastic anticorrosive tape

Time:2019-12-12 09:11:12

Viscoelastic anticorrosive tape is a type of tape designed for buried pipelines. The construction method is simple and environmentally friendly. Let's take a look at the primer of the product.

1. Viscoelastic anticorrosive tape is not easy to cure during use, and the sealing effect is also good.

2. When applying the primer to the tape, pay attention to the sequence. Before applying the primer, stir it first, and add a diluent when it is stirred to a certain degree, and it can only be applied when diluted to a suitable viscosity. You can use a clean stick or a brush when applying the primer. The finished primer will form a uniform film. After the primer is applied, the remaining primer can be poured back. Began to wind the tape.

Through the above detailed description of the primer coating of the viscoelastic anticorrosive tape, it can also help us better understand the product, facilitate our better use in the future, and also give full play to the performance of the product.

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