Reasons Affecting the Anticorrosive Life of Viscoelastic Anticorrosive Tape

Time:2019-12-26 08:56:32

As we all know, the anticorrosive life of viscoelastic anticorrosive tape is affected by various aspects. Although the product itself has stable performance and good anticorrosive effect, if it is not handled properly in some details, it will reduce its useful life. Today we Let's find out what causes the product's anti-corrosive life.

First, the performance of viscoelastic anticorrosive tape

1. Each anticorrosive material has a certain scope of application. Therefore, it is necessary to comprehensively consider the operating conditions, soil conditions, construction environment, process requirements, and economic rationality of the pipeline, and select a suitable anticorrosive layer material. It has a good Electrical insulation.

2. Good resistance to cathode peeling strength.

3. Adequate mechanical strength and certain impact strength.

4. Good bending resistance and abrasion resistance.

5. Good chemical stability, good resistance to atmospheric aging, and sufficient heat and cold resistance.

6. Low water absorption and good antimicrobial performance.

Second, the quality of pipeline surface treatment

The quality of the surface treatment is directly related to the adhesion of the viscoelastic anticorrosive tape to the steel pipe. If the treatment is not good, it will easily cause blistering, warping, and rust back. The surface treatment must meet the specified requirements and rust removal grade standards, and at the same time have a certain roughness. The roughness and rough shape should be determined according to the thickness of the anticorrosive layer. If the roughness is too small, the quality of the interface bonding will be affected, and if it is too large, "rust" will occur. Roughness and its rough shape are related to the type of abrasive, particle size, formulation and rust removal process used.

Construction method

We understand three-point materials, seven-point construction requirements, and the quality of the viscoelastic anticorrosive tape construction quality, which directly affects the anticorrosive effect of the anticorrosive layer. Depending on the construction environment, manual winding machines or electric winding machines can be selected. The winding requirements of the tape are: to ensure a certain winding tension, tension and flattening.

In summary, we can know that viscoelastic anticorrosive tape is affected by various factors. Therefore, when using it, it is required to determine whether the surface impurities of the object are cleaned up and the construction methods. Do these phenomena well and use it. The years can be extended, but if some natural disasters are encountered, these will reduce the antiseptic effect of the product and reduce its service life.

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